10 million euro for e-scooter sharing system GO Sharing!

After a successful start in 2019 in Eindhoven and Rotterdam with 750 vehicles, GO Sharing completed a financing round of over € 10.000.000 in just a few weeks. With this new growth financing, GO Sharing can realise its ambition to expand to 20 cities within the Netherlands this year! These ambitious plans can be realised thanks to an investment by Rabo Corporate Investments (investment division of Rabobank) together with several other partners of GO Sharing. The investors endorse GO Sharing’s mission to change the way people are travelling in a sustainable way. GO Sharing’s ambition is not limited to the Netherlands. This young, ambitious sharing platform also wants to make the rest of Europe a lot greener.

The e-scooter sharing system

GO Sharing is an electric sharing system with great ambitions striving to become the most sustainable and leading e-scooter sharing system in Europe. With the flying start in 2019 and the investment of leading partners, GO Sharing will be able to grow rapidly. Soon GO Sharing will be able to provide the entire Netherlands with the e-scooter sharing system. Raymon Pouwels of GO Sharing: “The financial injection from our partners will enable us to pursue our mission and to deploy thousands of additional e-scooters in 20 new cities within the Netherlands this year. Let’s GO together, GO green – GO Sharing!”

GO Sharing is sustainability

Sustainability is the most important criterion of the future. GO Sharing strives to change the way people travel in a sustainable way. GO Sharing offers fully electric scooters that make a direct contribution to improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and solving the mobility problem in urban areas. Investment Director Thijs Friederich of: Rabo Corporate Investments: “It is the goal of Rabobank to contribute to a sustainable future. GO Sharing fits in seamlessly with its products and services. We are proud of this green frontrunner that promotes electric mobility in cities and encourages sharing. In this way, a more sustainable way of transport is created. Rabobank is convinced of the solutions of GO Sharing and wants to enable a higher market penetration of GO Sharing by means of this partnership”

Drive from 23 cents per minute

GO Sharing users only pay for using an e-scooter, all you need is the GO Sharing app. From 23 cents per minute, without a subscription or registration fee, an e-scooter is always available within walking distance. The GO Sharing service transforms possession to use. The user can find and book an e-scooter via the user-friendly GO Sharing app.

What makes GO Sharing unique?

GO Sharing offers the most sustainable solution for everyone. The GO Sharing e-scooters are fully electric and the batteries are replaced by 100% electric service cars. This ensures that the GO Sharing e-scooters are ready for users day and night, 24 hours a day and all year round. GO Sharing provides the solution for all mobility questions from commuters to students from residents to expats, provided they have a valid driver’s license. The lightweight GO Sharing e-scooter makes it suitable for all drivers. The platform is scalable because of the close cooperation with its service provider GreenMo, having a nationwide e-mobility service network in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and a service location in England. This makes GO Sharing the best solution for the mobility issues in urban areas.

GO+ Business

The GO Sharing e-scooter sharing system is also suitable for the business market. GO Sharing offers a special GO+ Business package for companies. With a GO+ Business package companies benefit from a super comfortable GO Sharing e-scooter for a fixed monthly fee. Companies are relieved of everything, from the maintenance of the e-scooters to recharging the batteries, everything is taken care of by GO Sharing.

GO-Sharing e-scooter deelsysteem    GO Sharing e-scooter deelsysteem van Nederland